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Online registration:
Dec 12, 2016 to Jan 14, 2017

Adjudications: March 20 to 24, 2017
Concerto Playoffs: March 25, 2017
UW School of Music

Young Artists Concerto Concert:
7:30 pm, Saturday, May 13, 2017
UW Kane Hall
Online Help Guide

On Line Web Entry Help

Getting Started

The SYAMFA on-line entry system has been created so that you can easily create one or more festival application forms. Please remember that, while you are submitting information to us electronically, you will not be registered until we receive a printed and signed copy of your application along with the appropriate entry fee. 

On-Line Registration Steps -- The BIG PICTURE

  1. Create an account and LOG ON
  2. ENTER all of your information
  3. Click "SUBMIT"
  4. PRINT, SIGN and MAIL two copies of the submitted form to us.

DON"T PANIC -- All mistakes can be corrected before you drop your signed form into the postbox!

Don't be afraid to use the system. Most mistakes are easily corrected before you press the Submit button. If you find a mistake after you press Submit, but before you mail the form, simply start over and create an new entry form, You may need to duplicate the student, teacher or accompanist name to correct that information, but that's OK. After the entry deadline, we will simply ignore any forms that were submitted electronically, but for which we did not receive a printed copy. Unless you mail us a signed form with a check, there's no way for you to accidentally register Peter Piano for a harp class.

Start early and take your time. The on-line system will save all of your work on our servers. You can pick up where you left off at any time, and from any computer with internet access.

Creating and sharing accounts and information. When you create an account, you will be asked to provide a valid email address.Remember, we may need to contact you, so use an email account that is checked regularly! Also, if you forget your password, the only way to retrieve it is through your email account. Don't call us if you forget your password! For security reasons we will not change or retrieve your password by phone. From the logon page, you can request that your lost password be sent to you.

A entry form can only be viewed in the account from which it was created. If the teacher and student/parent both wish to access the account, then we suggest that the account be created using the student or parents email address. Otherwise, a teacher with more than one student will be giving everyone who has a password access to all entry forms, not just their own. 

When the account is created, a temporary password will be immediately be sent via email. We suggest that you change the password to something that is easier for you to remember, but hard for someone else to guess. The password will need to be at least six characters long and contain a number. This is a minimum. All of the security features we've put in place won't protect your personal information if you choose a short, easy to guess password. Please don't use the same password that you use to read your email! If you plan on sharing an account between student, teacher and parents, we suggest you pick a password that you don't mind giving to others. If you do share your account, keep in mind that you can only be logged in once. In other words, if you're logged in, and you or someone else logs from somewhere else using the same email and password, the older session will automatically end.

Check your entry carefully before you mail it. While the on-line system is computerized, the on-line form isn't much more intelligent than the paper version. You're ultimately responsible for complete and accurate information. 

On-Line Registration Steps -- a more detailed example

  1. Create an account
  2. Check you email for a temporary password (it should only take a few minutes before you receive it).
  3. Change your password
  4. LOG ON
  5. ENTER some of your information (the form will show as being incomplete)
  6. LOG OFF
  8. LOG ON and finish entering information (the form will show as being complete)
  9. Print the completed form
  10. LOG OFF
  11. Teacher, student and parents all review the completed, but not yet submitted form
  12. LOG ON
  13. Make corrections to the form
  14. Click "SUBMIT"
  15. Print two or more copies of the submitted form.
  16. Check one last time for accuracy and completeness
  17. SIGN and MAIL two copies of the submitted form to us.

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Common problems creating an account or logging on

If you've tried to create an account, but you never received a password from us via email, then you probably made a mistake when you told us your email address. The only solution to this is to start again by creating a new account. If the system tells you that your email address has already been registered, then you should request that the password be sent to you again. This can be done by selecting the link Help, I forgot my password. When you create an account, or request that the password be sent to you, the email is sent right away. You should receive it within a few minutes, depending on the speed of your internet service provider. If you're still having problems, make sure that our email isn't being discarded by any anti-spam software you, or your service provider might be using.

If you've received a password from us, but it doesn't seem to work, the most likely cause is mistaking a number for a letter or a letter for a number. In other words, 0 (zero) with O (oh), or 1 (one) with l (el).

If you get the message "Log In Failed. Couldn't find an account for:" Double check your typing. It's not uncommon for people to accidentally leave off part of their email address

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Why is SYAMFA using an on-line system?

The size of the festival continues to grow. In 2002 approximately 600 young musicians gave more than 850 performances. This represents 850 entry forms that had to be checked for accuracy and then hand-entered into our computers so that we could schedule the performances, create programs, send out notices, etc. This was a significant workload for our volunteer organization. In moving to an on-line system, we hope to improve the ease with which you provide information to us, improve accuracy, and eliminate the need to hand-enter all of the entry form information. 

The 2004 festival will be the first festival which uses the new registration system. We expect there will be start-up problems and hope that you'll understand. We look forward to your constructive feedback. We know that it will help us improve the on-line system and the festival as we move forward.

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Managing Your Account

Creating a new account, logging on, and changing your password are all done from the logon page.

Please read the Getting Started section for important considerations when creating an account.

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Web Browser Settings

The SYAMFA on-line system should work well with most browsers. It does not use cookies, however it does use some javascript. If you're having trouble, make sure that you allow scripting. 

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Entry Forms

After you log in, and read the latest announcements, you will see a link Continue to forms. This link will take you to a page that lists all of your entry forms. A portion of this page is shown below.

From the forms list page you have several options. As you can see, the entry form for Charlie Cello appears to be complete. Assuming you're satisfied that all information is correct, you would press the click here to SUBMIT link to submit the entry. Once submitted, you will not be able to change any information associated with that entry. Before you submit it, you can delete the form completely, or you can click on Charlie's name to make changes. As soon as you submit the form, the status will change from Complete! to Submitted datewhere date is the month and day. After you submit the form, you would press View Printable, print, sign and mail two copies of the form, along with the entry fees.

From the status bar, you can see that SYAMFA has received the printed and signed copy of Veronica's form along with a check. All is well with Veronica.

Peter's form still needs some work. You could press View Printable to see what the partially completed form looks like, or you can click on Peter Piano to continue working on the entry form for class 42.

Press Create a new entry form to add another entry form. For example Peter would need another form if he is also competing in the Concerto Division.

From this page you can also end your session by pressing Logout. All information will be saved until you return.

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Creating Your First Form

When you select Create a new entry form , you will be asked to select a class. Depending on which class is selected, you may also be asked to select an instrument. Once that is done, you will see a page like the one below. As with the paper form, this page is broken into sections. For example there's a section for providing information about the teacher. At the very top of the page you can see a status bar with red and green boxes. A red box indicates that you haven't done anything for that section of the form. The green box indicates that you've provided some information for that section. A green box does not indicate that the section is complete or accurate! 

To enter information for a section, click on the link in the colored boxes, or follow the links in each section of the form. 

When you have finished the form, or you simply want to quit for the day, follow the Return to Forms List link at the bottom of the page. As long as you've provided some information about the entrant (student) all information will be saved. From the Forms list page, you can log out, view your forms, or select another form for more work.

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Selecting and Adding Compositions

The SYAMFA on-line system uses a composition database with almost 5000 selections representing over 600 different composers. There's a pretty good chance that the selection you'll be entering has already been entered for you. All you'll need to do is select it. If your selection is not in our database, that's OK. You'll just have to type a little more.

To select a composition, which is most cases is a short work, or a single movement of a larger work, you must first tell us who the composer is. From the entry form you will follow the link to add a composition. This will bring up a screen that asks you to enter all or part of a composer's name. We were looking for Mozart so we simply entered the first three letters, or 'moz'. The results of the search are shown here. As you can see, there are three Mozarts selections. We're interested in the man himself, so we're going to click on Mozart. We can see from this list that, if we had been looking for a composer named "Mozell", we'd instead need to click here to add a new composer. Note that the search algorithm lets you search on any part of the name. We could also have searched on 'zart. Finally, you should notice that the search is case-insensitive.

For some selections, two or more composers will be listed. You can search on either name.

After clicking on Mozart we are asked to enter part of the title of the selection. We need to enter at least three characters for the search. The obvious choice for the "Sonata in B flat Major K. 333" is "333". We could also search on Sonata, flat, major or allegro. Any of these choices would work, but you'd need to look through a lot more results on your screen. Note that each movement is a different selection. If all three movement's are to be played, then you will need to go through the entire selection process three times. Make sure you select the movements in the order they are to be played. While filling out the entry form, it's best to think of every movement as an entirely separate selection.

For composers with less than 10 selections in our database, you'll automatically be presented with the entire list of selections. If you're really having trouble finding something you know should be there, enter the word 'ALL' in the search box. This will list all compositions by the selected composer. Be warned, composers like Bach wrote a lot of music!

As with the composer, if you can't find the selection your looking for you'll need to type everything in. Simply select click here to add a new composition

Finally after you select the composition, you will be asked to provide a playing time. Please be accurate. The entry system will gently remind you that you need to enter both minutes and seconds.

If you enter compositions in the wrong order, or you make a mistake on the times, simply return to the screen where you started adding compositions and delete the mistakes. It's always easy to add them back in. At this point in time, there's no provision in the on-line system for editing the times or changing the order.

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Submitting Your Forms

You cannot submit your form before the system detects that you've checked all sections of the form. Check the red and green boxes at the top of the form. If a box is red, click on the box and complete that section. When all of the boxes are green, you'll be able to submit your form.

Most of the information you need about submitting forms is in the Entry Forms topic above. Remember when you submit your form, you haven't applied to the festival. We must receive the signed paper copy of your form with the appropriate entry fee. The mailed form must be postmarked by the entry deadline. 

If you accidentally submit a form with and discover errors before you mail the form. You can simply start over by creating a new entry form. We will ignore submitted forms that aren't also mailed to us. Each form has a unique number on it which helps us to keep track of the form you want us to use.

Once a form has been submitted, it cannot be changed. This is also true of the associated student, teacher and accompanist information, which may be used on more than one form. In other words, if the same teacher information record (name, address, etc) is used on more than one form, the teacher record used on those forms cannot be modified. It is OK to add another teacher record -- even with the same name -- with the correct information and use that record for the form that has not been submitted. If the submitted form has not been mailed, it should be ignored and a new entry form with the correct information created. 

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Printing Your Forms

From the Forms list page, click on the view printable link. This will open a new browser window with a printable version of the form. If the form has not yet been submitted, the page will include a large red warning at the top. You may print an unsuited or incomplete form using your browser's print function, but please don't mail that form to SYAMFA. 

It's simply not possible for us to tell you how to print the form on your computer. However, we can tell you that you will be using your browser's print button. The entry form is designed to be printed on a single sheet of paper and has been tested with many different browsers and printers. Here are some things that you can try to prevent the form from printing on more than one sheet of paper.

  • Disable the printing of the web address along the top and/or bottom of the page
  • Change the size of the font you're browser is using to display the page.
  • Try printing from a different computer (remember, you can log in from any computer connected to the internet).

If you cannot get the printer to print the form on a single page, staple the two pages together. Please make sure that the unique entry number which shows up in two places at the top of the form, and also just above the signature lines is present on both pages.

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Received, Wait Listed and Accepted Forms

After we've received your signed form and check in the mail, we will change the status of your form from Submitted to Received and then Accepted. This lets you know that we've received your form in the mail and, after reviewing the form, accepted it into the festival. Sometimes we will correct a form after it has been received. You will be able to see the corrections that we make, as we make them. Most of the time the changes we make will be in the compositions. All of the compositions must be taken from our database, so if you typed the composer and/or composition in by hand, either because you couldn't find it, or because it's a selection that isn't in our database, then we must go back and make the selection for you -- adding it to our database if necessary. If you see that we've corrected your form, it would be a good idea for you to compare our changes against your paper copy. For certain types of changes in the composition area, we will leave the information you've entered, but set the playing time to 0. In some cases, you won't be able to see any difference between what we've added with what you entered (except that our entry is blue)

As the festival continues to grow, some of the more popular classes run out of space. You may see that your entry has been Wait Listed. This means that we've received your form and that we will not be able to accept it into the festival until someone else withdraws, or we make adjustments to to the class size. It's not our goal to turn people away from the festival. So if your form has been wait listed, don't loose hope. You can be sure that we're working very hard to make space available for you.

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