Dear Concerto Division Entrants,

The requirement of rental information for a Conductor's score and orchestral parts for your chosen concerto is an important one. Time from the end of the Festival to the beginning of rehearsals is very short. Once we know the exact winning repertoire, music for the orchestra must be ordered immediately. Heavy cartons full of music are very costly to ship, and rush shipping requests would add substantially to our costs. This is why the information MUST be included in your entrance application.

Please remember the concerto division rule states "Failure to provide accurate rental information will result in disqualification from Playoffs consideration. If information is later found to have been inaccurate or misleading, the Concert Alternate will perform in the concert." Please provide accurate information so our time and work after Festival can be focused on preparing a well organized and very professional event to match your wonderfully polished performances


Luck’s Music Library Catalogue Search - Browse the catalogue for your composition
Look at the DETAILS page for your concerto. The term "RENTAL" MUST APPEAR or Luck's Music WILL NOT QUALIFY.
“Study Scores” DO NOT QUALIFY. Luck’s spelling of composer names may vary: e.g., TSCHAIKOWSKY.
On your Festival entry form provide: the Source, the Catalogue Number, and the Rental Price.

Guthrie Music Rental Library - Browse the catalogue for your composition
EMAIL Guthrie at rental1@guthriemusiclibrary.com to request a quote. Guthrie will only provide quotes to schools or orchestras, not to individuals.
However, they are aware of our event and will reply if you include the following:

  1. Mention your request is for entry in the SYAMFA Festival.
  2. You must include the name of the orchestra, Philharmonia Northwest, with whom the winners will perform.



The list below includes all publisher contact information currently known to the SYAMFA. Telephone quotes are not accepted.

Publishers may require the following information before providing a rental quote:

  1. Organization Name: Seattle Young Artists Music Festival Assn. (SYAMFA)
  2. Orchestra: Philharmonia Northwest (Type: community orchestra)
  3. Conductor: Julia Tai
  4. Annual budget of the performing organization: 35K – 200k.
  5. Size of orchestration: 50 member orchestra (basic number of parts is adequate for the quote)
  6. Venue: University of Washington, Kane Hall
  7. Number or performances: One (1)
  8. Performance date: Month of May

See list of smaller publishers, possibly available from C.F. PETERS New York, at the bottom of the page.

Bärenreiter Music Corp New York, Kassel Orchestral Catalogue: (composer index begins on p. 15)
US and Canada hire material represented by Schott-EAM Music Group
Visit Orders & Requests/Rental Quote. Register for an account.
An email will be sent to you with a link to activate your account. Email: ny@baerenreiter.com Tel: +1 212 461 6940

Boosey & Hawkes Rental Catalogue Search:
Search the catalogue. Click Request a Quote on the right hand side of the page, under Contact Us.
Complete the Quote Request form using the answers provided above and click Submit.

EAMDC | Schott
EAMDC- Schott appears to carry some rental materials of Universal Edition
Select "Rental Quote" (NOT Rental Order) at Orders & Requests/Rental Quote.
Register for an account. An email will be sent to you with a link to activate your account.
Complete the form. Under Comments include the note "Request for a BASIC RENTAL QUOTE ONLY. "

Edwin F. Kalmus - Browse Catalogue for Availability ONLY -- Not price
You MUST email to request a rental quote. Email: info@efkalmus.com Subject: Rental Quote Request
PRICES IN THE CATALOGUE ARE NOT RENTAL PRICES; they are purchase prices only.

C.F. Peters Corporation/Edition-Peters Rental Catalogues: Albinoni to Grieg  Griesbach to Puccini  Purcell to Zupko
To receive a rental quote, email the information below to rentals.us@editionpeters.com, Subject: Rental Quote Request

  1. The name of the composer
  2. Title of the work in which you are interested
  3. Number or performances: One (1)
IMPORTANT PETERS UPDATE: If your score and parts appear in brackets [ ] as in the two examples below, the music is no longer available for rental, only for purchase. The SYAMFA does not purchase orchestral music.

G. Schirmer – Music Sales Classical Rental Catalogue: (rental list begins on p. 11)
Go to Quote Requests for Rental Works:
Complete Nos. 1, 2 and 4 on the request form using the information provided above.
Quotes will not be given without all of the information requested in steps 1, 2, 4 of the Rental Form.
Email the form as an attachment to rental@schirmer.com, Subject: Rental Quote Request; or by Fax to 845-469-7544.

International Music Company Rental Catalogue Search
Do Not Use the Keyword Search. It is for solo part purchases only. Search the list on the page. The numbers on the right represent the length of the piece in minutes. YOU MUST SUBMIT a rental quote request using their Rental Questionnaire form and the answers provided above. Prices shown ARE NOT RENTAL PRICES; they are purchase prices for the solo part only.

Schott Music - Special Search - Hire Material: (Composers & Authors/Repertoire Search)
Enter the title and composer of your concerto. The listing of your piece will include a link Enquire hire library to request a quote.
Register for an account. Complete and Save the information requested.
Complete all the pages of the enquiry form.

Basic materials: 1 Score.
Performance/Remarks: include a note "Request for a BASIC RENTAL QUOTE ONLY."
Use your address for purposes of the quote.
At the bottom of the last page, “Summary,” click FINISH

Southern Music Company - Lauren Keiser Music Publishing
Orchestra Rental Catalogue Email to request a quote: info@laurenkeisermusic.com
A very small collection of concerto scores, primarily for woodwind instruments

Works from the following publishers may be available from C.F. Peters, New York. Make certain they are for rental (showing no brackets), not purchase: (follow instructions for C.F. Peters above)