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2022 Concerto Division Winners Announced

The SYAMFA is very proud of all the students who successfully completed their Festival classes in yet another challenging year. Congratulations, again, to the concerto division finalists who set a high bar with beautiful performances in playoffs. And heartfelt thanks to the wonderful panel of Playoff Adjudicators, Christopher Hahn, Robert Shannon, Brenda Brenner, Horacio Contreras and Terri Sánchez, who made the following awards:

Concert Soloists
  • Zoe Lonsinger, violin
  • Brian Li, piano
  • Elsie Lu, piano
  • Eric Schindler, cello
  • Nathanial Zhang, piano
  • Jonathan Zheng, piano
  • Tokuji Miyasaka, violin
  • Seohyun Hwang, violin

2022 SYAMFA Festival Finalists

Senior Concerto – Piano
  • Annika Jonson
  • Brian Li
  • Elsie Lu
  • Nathaniel Zhang
  • Jonathan Zheng
  • Sarah Yang Alternate
Junior Concerto – Piano
  • Melanie Yutong Liu
  • Changan Zhu
  • Stephanie Cheng Alternate
  • Maria Horja 2nd Alternate
Senior Concerto – Violin/Viola
  • Seohyun Hwang
  • Zoe Lonsinger
  • Tokuji Miyasaka
  • Bryce Wang Alternate
Junior Concerto – Violin/Viola
  • Maximilian James
  • Lily Richards
  • Caileen Wan
  • Jeanne Park Alternate
Senior Concerto – Cello/Bass
  • Asim Kapoor
  • Eric Schindler
  • Anderson Widjaja
  • Eric Inadomi Alternate
Junior Concerto – Cello/Bass
  • Jesse Krentz
  • Jaewon Lee
  • Charlie Lee Alternate
Senior Concerto – Flute
  • Maximilian Null
  • Grace Wang
  • Peyton Welsch Alternate
Junior Concerto – Flute
  • Yilin Zhang
Senior Concerto – Reed
  • Max Boyd
Junior Concerto – Reed
  • Arya Bailey

“The Seattle Young Artists Music Festival provides an exceptional opportunity for young musicians to perform. The concerto competition and culminating concerto concert with symphony orchestra demonstrates the high level of artistry our local young musicians have achieved.”

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Dr. Robin McCabe

Director Emeritus, UW School of Music

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