Helen Taverniti (1921-2005), one of the five original founders of the Seattle Young Artists Music Festival, was a major figure in piano performance and instruction during her 50-plus year career. It was for her teaching of gifted students and fellow teachers that she may best be remembered.

Helen was married to John “Jack” Morse, a well known Seattle architect who passed away 2000. The couple, who had so loved music and art, designated a major gift from their joint estate to benefit the SYAMFA and help sustain the Festival in coming years. We are pleased to announce the formation of the “Helen Taverniti Endowment Fund for the Seattle Young Artists Music Festival”.

The endowment will be reinvested to grow over time while small annual distributions will help cover anticipated increases in the Festival’s expenses. Contributions to the endowment fund should be designated separately from gifts to the annual operating fund.